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The Pentagram of Pentagorass

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The star of five pointed

(Summary compiled, detailed footnotes)

Microcosm Man, sign of the omnipotence and omniscience; The Mantric Electrum Star Protection Pentalfa: Klim, Krishnaya, Govindaya, Gopijana, Vallaballa, SWAJ.

Human Figure: Head and eyes up, arms and legs outstretched.

Tetra: Trinidad in the multiple unit of Life; Holy Four and Jupiter, Father 1, Son 2, Holy Spirit 3. The three stem the Ain Soph Atomic Star Interior. The three form the Tetragrammaton.

A symbol from its infancy represents perfection, the androgynous, happiness and the perfect marriage. The way 5-pointed star of the Freemasons, Gnostic, Rosicrucian ... Flaming is the star, symbol of the raw material, an inexhaustible source of life and genius that elevates the soul to deeper and higher things.

The Pentagram expresses the dominion of spirit over the elements of nature. With this magical sign can dominate the elemental creatures that inhabit the regions of fire, air, water, earth and ether. Before this command demons tremble and flee in terror.

The Esoteric Pentagram, with the upper tip up serves to flee into the dark. The pentagram with the tip pointing down used to call the dark.

Placed on the doorstep with the upper tip in and the two bottom corners out not allowed to pass the black magicians. Eliphas Levi: The Pentagram is the Blazing Star, is the sign of the Word made flesh. Under the direction of its rays can represent God or the devil. The Sacrificial Lamb or Goat of Mendes.

When the Pentagram elevates your upper beam, representing the Christ. When the Pentagram elevates its two bottom corners, represents the goat.

The sign of protection, amulet, talisman or electrum enshrined in high magic, the Flaming Star with the seven metals correspond to the seven planets esoteric:

a) Silver for the Moon

b) Quicksilver - Mercury

c) Copper - Venus

d) Gold - The Sun

e) Iron - Mars

f) Tin - Jupiter

g) Lead - Saturn.


The Tetragrammaton in the Pentagram

The four sacred Hebrew letters from right to left called Tetragrammaton, the four signs are consonants IHVE translated literally means, that according to traditions and translations, are the unpronounceable name of God.

This is another example of the famous law of duality, almost always present in esotericism throughout its history and so well described in the Kybalion.

We have plenty of examples:


The scales of justice as represented in the Major Arcana Tarot # 8 Justice.

Good and evil.

Night and day.

Male and female.

In the end the eternal struggle of opposites ...

Kabbalistic Stories tell us that this symbol has great powers of protection that are reflected in numerous forms of use.

As rings, pendants, prints, paintings, frames, glasses, etc., Controlling the influence of bad institutions and bringing blessings.

Meaning of the word Tetragrammaton:

About Pentagram we find him in a circle which means four in graphic or letter in Greek.

In the Greek language at the end of any word, denotes the union of two, three, four, five or more letters in one name or unit. Principle of the Whole Unit
In this way the word is the magic word or "mantra" in a unit that synthesizes the four letters in Kabbalah are used to designate the divine.

Is the name of GOD.

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The numbers on the left side of the pentagram represent the divine male and female Light The Word.

The numbers mean the cross, ie the Father, the number means fire, Mother, the number means the soul, the child.

Each of its five points represents one element: Air, Fire, Earth, Water and a fifth element called Akasha or spirit.

At the top of the Pentagram we find the sign of Jupiter, which expresses descent of the spirit and represents the father of all gods.
The eyes of the Spirit is invisible surveillance is everywhere always present.
In the right and left arms are the signs of Mars, symbol of strength.
In the center is the Caduceus of Mercury, which represents the backbone.
The Caduceus is in the form of two snakes coiled on the rod on the Egyptian monuments built before Osiris.
The Caduceus of Mercury or Hermes is a cosmic symbol, representing the fall of the original primitive material in the gross land area.


Astronomically, the head and tail represent the views of the ecliptic where the planets to the sun and moon together in close embrace.

Philosophically it is a symbol of restoring the lost balance of life, as a unit and its vital currents play different roles in the human body.

Signs of Venus and Mercury, together represent the male and female that all men and women have and that allegorize the hermaphrodite.

At the sides of the Caduceus are the Sun and the Moon. Father Sun Mother who gives birth to Luna, which is fertile.

The two wings represent the ascent of the sacred fire along the spine:

Tantrism or sexual alchemy. Arcanum AZF.

Opening the 7 churches of Revelation of St. John: The 7 Chakras.

The spine is the Kundalini.

The names of Adam and Eve are written in Hebrew on the top.

In the right arm is written Adam.

And in the left arm is written Eve.

As the two pillars, or the first parents, in which all humanity rests.

The chalice symbolizes the cornucopia, the symbol of yoni female mind is crystallized contains the drink of immortality.

The scepter is the rod of Moses. Staff of the Patriarchs to be raised through the transmutation of the Christ energy. It also represents the spine.

The sword is the flaming sword, is the male phallus.

Jealous guardian of Eden, the sword is the will and justice of the walker.

At the foot of the Pentagram appears the sign of Saturn.

Saturn chronos, time created by man.

There is also the Key and the Seal of Solomon.

Is double interlaced triangle.

India also known by the name of vishnu sign.

And it can be seen in every village house as a talisman against evil.


The triangle is a sacred and religious symbol.

If you run up the male element represents the divine fire, if it is directed downward represents the female element and water area, the double triangle means the 6 directions of space, the binding and fusion with the pure spirit with the invisible matter.

Also the upper triangle is the sulfur of the secret philosophy, the living fire of the alchemists, the lower triangle that links to the top is mercury, the 12 zodiacal constellations.

The Greek letters alpha and omega represent the beginning and the end.

Five means in Greek.

First letter of the Greek alphabet.

Graphic or Letter in Greek.

The Pentagram is a symbol of high magic, and great power.

In turn, it also represents protection and respond to this mantra:


This powerful mantra that has three clearly defined stages:

To utter or recite the "Klim" that occultists of India called the seed of attraction, we provoke a flow of Christic energy that instantly drops the world of solar logos, to protect us and then opens a mysterious door down.

Through the following three parts (krisnaya, govindaya, copijana) Christic energy infused the one who recites.

Through the fifth (vallabaya, Swaha) who has received Christ energy to radiate with tremendous force to defend against the dark. Then they flee in terror.

This star is the esoteric symbol of excellence is always present in magical rituals.

To understand the significance of this star We'll have to say that this is one of the main symbols of magic in all its aspects.

Their names are varied:

Pentagram Tetragrammaton, Penta Alfa, pentacle, a five-pointed star.

Use of medallions that hang from the neck or rings carried on the ring finger, buckles and wallets containing this wonderful sign, etc.

Blazing Star draw on a very white lambskin to keep it inside the room, reflected in a glass or glass and placed on the threshold of the bridal chamber, thus avoiding the dark penetrate it.

Draw a pentagram on the window glass terrified of ghosts and demons.

You can also draw with charcoal or can a sketch of the sulfur.

The Esoteric Pentagram

The Blazing Star or Pentagram Esoteric and also called the Star of the Magi, properly drawn on the pavement or main wall of the lodges or HERMETIC STUDIES CENTER just a beautiful and original decoration, but also a powerful capacitor astral light that focuses the attention of men towards the mysterious, controlling the negative influence of bad institutions, and attracts the blessing and support of the Beings of Light.

Reason for the position of the Esoteric Pentagram, with the top-up and two points down:

He is the man taming the Four Elements. To those who inhabit them and they are: The Salamanders of Fire, The Gnomes of Earth, The Sylphs of Air and Water Ondinas and Nereids.

The pentagram drawn inside a box, and this in turn within an equilateral triangle, which eventually contains a circle is the perfect symbol:

In a circle is the Universal Spirit

In a triangle, is the Trinity
In a square, Elements
In a Pentagram, Man

Symbol and meaning of the elements which together form the Esoteric Pentagram.

GRAM TE TRA word thugs around the Blazing Star, is the name of Divinity, and is the unpronounceable Holy One, which in Hebrew consists of four letters: IOD-HE-VAU-HE.

In other languages also has four letters:

In Spanish: GOD

Latin: Deus
Greek: TESO
In French: DIEU
In Turkish: ESAR
In Arabic: Aliah

The left side numbers on TE 1-2

The Divine Masculine (The Cross) The Divine Feminine (The Word)

The numbers 1-2-3 on the right side on TRA

Cross, Fr.
Fire, Mother.
The Alma, Son.

Regarding the derivation of the Tarot deck of the Bohemians of Egyptian origin:

The Cup, Ace of Cups

Staff, Ace of Clubs
The Sword, Ace of Spades
The Seal of Solomon, As de Oros

Students can develop a Electrum to protect themselves against the dark. We call the Pentagram occult electrum in fact the 7 metals of the 7 planets.

Pentagram is made and consecrated with the 4 elements (Fire, Air, Earth and Water) and with 5 fragrances Incense: Frankincense, Myrrh, Aloe, Sulfur and Camphor, of these 5 substances used pair devote the staff, the 3 first is to invoke White Sulphur to reject the dark entities and camphor scented and attracts success, we must learn to handle these substances.

The staff have to put the 4 letters of LID-HE-VAU-HE, and upload it to the neck, giving extra protection.

At the Consecration the breath is blown 5-fold, presenting the Real Being of the Inner Master christonic for the consecration of the Pentalpha, and invoked the 5 Archangels: Gabriel, Raphael, Samuel, Angel and Orifiel.

All those who feel dirty, larvae, or destitute, they must use the 5 perfumes to smudge them, on condition of finding the Path of Perfect Chastity. Sanctuaries should be established in the habit of cleaning up the brothers who are full of larvae. So they receive the benefit in their souls and their bodies.

In the Book of the Dead, Chapter LIX, A winner says: I am the jackal of jackals, and air get from the presence of God of Light, and drive it to the limits of the sky, and the ends of the earth, and frontiers of flight of the bird ends Neveh. So air is given to these young divine beings.

We see, in the arms, several Hebrew letters. Appears Iod He Vau He. That word "Iod" as male principle, or God particle, rather like virginal spark is terrible. Iod, masculine divine principle; He, the divine feminine principle, Vau-sexual male principle (ie the Lingam), I, the female Yoni.

There is a way of pronunciation of the Hebrew letters Iod He Vau He, but it is terribly divine and not in vain should sing these mantras, because those four letters vibrate the divine within (is said to be the name of the Lord), and never be spoken in vain. This invites us to reflection.

There are other Hebrew letters, to remind certain processes of divinity, but now they keep silent.

The Esoteric Pentagram is a tool to practice ceremonial magic. Use maximum care is obviously not known when the forces generated. It is based on attributes kabbalistic tree of life in the world of Assiath.

His description is:

TE = Theos = God

TRA = Increase or develop

GRAM = Record, Bulir.

MA = Alma

TON = The God Family "The development of the soul so that our Monad be reinstated to all."

The correspondence of the cup, wands, swords and gold, are given in the Tetragrammaton.

The Esoteric Pentagram for Pentagorass
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Theoretical interpretation of the current design of the Pentagram.

It is recognized that the pentagram and its signs and symbols or Pentalfa called Pentagram, represents the "Microcosmos Man" or the "Microcosmic Star" as it is also called, which means that this expression plays in unison and intrinsically, and universal analogy with the "Macrocosm." From this perspective, it follows that the multiplicity of designs, shapes and positions of staves that are publicly viewable, due to the perceived freedom to experiment, affinity and harmony of the nature of each person-man microcosm compared to an image which is a universal star with 5 points. Which means then that the statement of recognition of this microcosm, man, can be expressed by the same man according to what we perceive and experience nature. This means that a person, as just as this image represents the man, may experience at the appropriate scale to the pentagram, and in a world where not everyone will practice only visual observation and contemplation of a particular image, but, some may seek, under its naturalazas, experiment on something else.

Perhaps then, symbolic archetypes from inspired leaders and teachers, with some additional nuances of today, may exhibit different designs, as the example of the figure represents the Esoteric Pentagram:

1 .- The upper corner of the Star, called "The Fifth Element, Ether, Spirit, First Ray", but all angles are equal, it specifically identifies and represents the human head, which fits well with the location of features the eyes, A Alpha and the number four symbolizes Jupiter, which are also unique in that correct position and, just the way human nature is the same where the eyes are located above the head on top the human body.

2 .- The eyes are directly related to the main expression of the star that is the unpronounceable name of God, also described in four consonants in the Hebrew language, word to the left of the star looking straight ahead.

3 .- The eyes in this design, with a tinge of the Egyptian symbol of the eye of Horus.

4 .- As the star represents the man, his arms open are located in the horizontal angles of the star, naturally at the ends of the arms would hands with 5 fingers each, well, matches the top or handle Basto sign or Staff of the Patriarchs, with respect to the limb or hand holding the wand at the end of the right arm of the star.

5 .- In the same way, now at the end of another human arm, facing the left side, the other five-pointed hand holds the flaming sword, what is shaping well, the figure anatomically atomic Human Microcosmic fully vertical according to the same nature. On one hand the microcosm staff maintains the Staff and the other the sword.

6 .- In the interlaced triangles also known as Solomon's seal, are the Gold and the Sun sign, naturally located at the top and left arm.

7 .- We can assume that the staff esoteric and widely known of this type, Fausto design included 4 items with signs symbolic Gold Cup, Basto and Sword, which can be found on the Tarot and the card Spanish.

8 .- In the variety of designs, shapes and positions of staves, highlights some with a sealing or enclosing circle to the star and all its signs, numbers and symbols rays:

In this sense we can assess that, while the circle represents a very important symbol and meaning, there would be less valuable and powerful wealth that star that is not the circle or circle line to view the designs. Because we understand that if the relationship of microcosm of the macrocosm analogy, the star with or without a line in a circle in sight, can mean the same relationship and potential. The star is a star on where you look and what it represents as a whole and staff essentially as described and defined. Ie can not be less than the reference to God and all that that and other elements represent the star, with or without a circle. The Pentagram, is so important to have a special circle in sight or any other symbol or element in the ring its periphery that is visible or invisible.

The circle may also represent the Absolute, and the star Sol and other representations, and the star itself to the Infinite, the Absolute, the Gnosis, at all ... and vice versa with the Circle, with Pentagon, with a Square ...

Pythagoras, a philosopher and mathematician, designed the command staff of the Pythagoreans, a star within the geometric shape of a pentagon, the pentagon analog and mathematically inside the star.

The Staff of signs, contains and encompasses several circles in his Ark and inside, therefore, one way or another, you can not discriminate and discard the meaning and power in itself, and as well as the same star has geometrically checkered or squares, triangles, pentagons, etc.

One could deduce that in another time when the star staff became popular as a magical talisman, amulet or protective star, originated because they add a circle drawn on coins and medals, of course, in a circular.

Moreover, the design of Faust that appears in the book of Eliphas Levi, does not describe or not included in this drawing, the circle with the staff, but even that is likely to degrade or summarize its symbolic potential which may well be extended or extracts to the circumstances experienced by a Cosmos Man himself.

9 .- The color or colors, also symbolic in the Pentagram, which would be according to what we perceive and experience the nature of each person as microcosm of itself, it is clear that each color has signs and meanings in turn numerical , symbolic, esoteric and astrological correlates with potential and tune each microcosm man, although some are clearly defined, color, composition is also atomic and electromagnetic light, heat, notes, sound, etc., composition and decomposition of creation and manifestation of nature. This means that the color or colors, is, and is a potential for life in shades and nuances, without exception none of them, including the Rainbow or Ark, from White to Black.

Nature in the ebb and cosmic influence, reflects and refracts light and color inside.

10 .- The word Tetragrammaton, Tetragrammaton, among others with the same meaning as described and detailed in various texts, esoteric syllables separately in the Pentagram and which forms both a word and its own meaning, has been somewhat difficult to sort it in the figure includes the staff for their extensive length and the syllable "Ma" has been inverted, which is inconsistent with the special sense that advised the Master Samael Aun Weor and how to use magically the staff esoteric, and perhaps it is because of the small space that had coins and talismans to embed a variety of information, including the word Tetragrammaton.

Given the explanation, which is why some designs I have tried to change the distribution so valuable I have read and their important word syllables, normal, vertical, natural from any computer screen, poster, posters, etc. , and according to the times of today.

It is assumed that the apparent error specified above, has contributed to a poor use of staff by some people, with different interpretations and positions that do not correspond to reality and essential cognitive taught by Samael.

From the standpoint of current designer, agrees that there could be less important the word Tetragrammaton and all its syllables, with respect to the same great value of all components within the Pentagram. In other words, there would be a mistake MA inverted syllable, but the reason for its location would be by the circularity of the position of writing and hanging areas of reduced size and, for certain specific rituals that signal the circular sawing the sacred word or mantra "Tetragrammaton"

11 .- The star by itself, is and has been a symbol representing harmony, fraternity, unity and the Whole:

Virtually all religions, states, flags, shields, banners, as well as lines across cultures and mystical, esoteric and spiritual, has been around for thousands of years the symbol of the pentagram, and in almost all instances, with a single natural position: vertical, with one of its points facing upward and in the case of staff, with a unique location because it is only one vertex that has eyes.

In addition to finding the star in many uses of man, you may see in nature, flowers, plants, seeds, animals, flashing lights, etc.

The position and orientation pyramid - triangular pentagram star, is perfect and geometric and esoteric mathematics. It rests on two strong pillars that meet at the apex, and as if this were not enough, also combines two vertices or horizontal limbs, forming a perfect balance of those four elements and essential virtue of the fifth element is the head .

12 .- Another prominent symbol in the Pentagram, is the Caduceus of Mercury or Hermetic: Consistent with the five-pointed star, five-spoke, five elements, five corners ... the two snakes inside the Caduceus, in harmony and perfect balance well as their heads facing upwards, are intertwined with each other and hugging the spine and its seven chakras, also in five laps, and both in three colors, twenty hold their angelic wings once Caduceus of Mercury, cabalistic number symbolism also represents the 22 Major Arcana of the Mysteries, mentioned under the writings of Samael Aun Weor ...

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